8oz tomato sauce
2TB molasses
1TB honey
1TB vinager (apple)
1/4 cup jackie D.a
2 teasp. worchester sauce
1 teasp. liquid smoke (optional)
1 TB minced garlic.
1/4 large onion
dash of pepper

boil 30 minutes.

This is a record of what I last did (except I didn’t use liquid smoke.
I left it above for proportion info). Following will be some comments
on it.

I think another vineager might be more appropriate, but certainly not
the other two I have on hand (balsamic and rice). Further I’m thinking
of scaling back the honey and molasses. I used some honey to take the
edge off the mollasses, but then the sum was sweeter than I wanted.

It didn’t taste right without the worchester sauce, but I don’t know
what to put in it’s place. A lot of people do use it.

I think liquid smoke is OK when I’m cooking inside. The first time I
made it (the last recipe you likely have), I was broiling stuff in the
oven, not cooking outside.

More or less onion and garlic might be appropriate based on taste.
Also, you might consider straining it out, or doing any number of other
things to them for either flavor or consistency. Most recent I minced
them, and then just let the sauce be kinda chunky.

The sauce is better when it is a day+ old. However, it was also
acceptable fresh. I made sauce on saturday and invited people for the
next day. The next day I invited more people, and realized I had an
inadequate amount of sauce, and so made some fresh, and combined them
together. It ended up being two parts day old, 1 part fresh.