3/4 C fish sauce
1   C water
1   Lime, juiced
1/2 C of sushi vinegar
1/2 tsp of Chili garlic sauce ( from jar)
3/4 C of Sugar
Bring above to a simmer (180deg to 200deg) until sugar disolves
While simmering, taste and if needed add up to another 1/4 C sugar.

Cool, then add:
1/4 C jullianed carrot
1/4 C Finely sliced (use the mandolin on the smallest setting) and
quartered white onion
1   garlic clove, roughly minced (use knife)

Add more chili paste to taste.  Remeber it is a dipping sauce, so it
can be a bit on the hotter side since people won’t eat a lot at once.
Also, the original recipes called for a lot more heat that I said so

Please at least add enough so you can kinda see the seeds floating in
the sauce.